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Stroller Strides may be the heart of FIT4MOM, but Body Back is really it's soul. This kid-free, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style workout not only challenges you physically, but our Transformation program is designed to empower and encourage women from the inside out. Our 8 week program is based on 2 principles: killer workouts, and working toward balanced, whole-food diets. There's no shakes, no weird supplements or patches. We can't promise you a secret formula because there isn't one. Instead, we're going to challenge and support you because we already know in our bones that you are capable of amazing things.

The details:

  • These are high impact, HIIT workouts. You're going to work hard, and you're going to sweat. What's HIIT? It means, you alternate between intervals of high intensity work with recovery intervals. You're cranking up your heartrate and working hard, and getting your body into that optimal calorie burning mode. Oh yeah, and those "recovery intervals"? That's when we strength train, so you're getting the full package!
  • This program is indeed friendly to breastfeeding moms.
  • Body Back is KID FREE. Take this hour for you! And because it's kid free, class times are either early morning or late evening, so this can accomodate our working moms too.
  • Each 8 week program focuses on different themes and challenges. Some are physical, some are behavioral, and some are mental.
  • We do have an amazing Body Back Recipe Guide, though we don't do a strict meal plan. We want you to learn solid, healthy habits that will last you WAY beyond the 8 weeks.
  • Each session meets twice weekly. If you miss a day, we encourage you to make it up at one of the other days/times. Just make sure that you make it up within those 8 weeks!
  • Body Back Transformation includes: Before/After Assessments; a private Facebook group; Recipe Guide; Support; F U N!
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