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All of our instructors are nationally certified in both pre and post natal fitness. We are committed to making that sure that every class you take with us leaves your muscles warmed up, worked out and stretched!

Our Team

A little about Katy:

Kids names and ages:

Ryan 11
Finleigh 7
Asher 5.5

Time with Fit4Mom, where you teach and which programs you are certified in:
Attending 6.5 years, teaching 5, taught in Bothell/Kirkland, some in Bellevue, and owner FIT4MOM Issaquah, Sammamish and SnoRidge and now the brand new owner of FIT4MOM Bellevue & Mercer Island. I'm certified in Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre and Body Back and hold a Personal Training Certificate from ACE.

Favorite exercise move:
Plie Squat with a Lat Pull or Burpees (yep, I like them!)

Favorite thing to do on a weekend when there are no plans:
There are ALWAYS plans!! Run, ski, stand up paddle board, beach, BBQ with friends, hike, camp, wander the city, catch a flick, shop with Julie...

One really cool thing about you: I also teach childbirth and breastfeeding education. I think that's rad.

The best thing about you is: My amazing friends and my girls. I couldn't do any of this without them, and I do it all for them.


Bridget was one of those new moms who didn't have a clue, but luckily stumbled into her first Stroller Strides class in August of '09. A lifelong athletic dilettante and lonely new mom, the most enticing part of Stroller Strides was that classes were offered 4 mornings a week and that there were other moms to talk to. Bridget was probably the most regular attender, and also probably talked the most through the whole class, but somewhere along the way something clicked. Motherhood became a turning point, and woke up the inner athlete. After joining Run Club, that was it. 8 marathons including 1 Boston Marathon, 20+ half marathons later, it's like a whole different person and a whole new path appeared. FIT4MOM became more than just something to do in the mornings, it was the beginning of a whole new life path. Part of that path was a leap of faith to opening a FIT4MOM franchise (which was at the time still under the Stroller Strides umbrella) in Fall '11, and then taking over the Seattle group at the beginning of '13 and now Bellevue & Mercer Island in 2018 with Katy.

What's your "why": Having a baby was so much more difficult than I ever expected, I truly love being able to work with new moms as they make this life transition themselves. There is such power in building a community of supportive women, and I genuinely hope that other women build those lasting relationships that I was able to do. But beyond that, I think that it's important to empower women through health and fitness. So much of what we talk about when it comes to motherhood is simply the number on the scale, and as women we are so often judged by our bodies first. With exercise, this is something we do to take back our own bodies, and to put them back after the changes through pregnancy and childbirth.

Favorite exercise: it changes arbitrarily, but if I only had to do 1 exercise for the rest of my life it would be a burpee!

Fun Fact: I can throw a punch! I spent a couple of years boxing and kickboxing, though never got to the point where I was close to getting in the ring.


Hi, I’m Kathy and I’m Mom to Emily “Emi” (4 years old) and Eloise “Elle” (2 years old). Before joining the Fit4Mom team I was a part-time fitness instructor and full-time graphic designer. Once I had my first daughter I quickly realized that I needed a strong group of mamas to not only motivate me to keep moving my body, but to support me in this crazy thing called motherhood. I started teaching Body Back in 2014 and then got certified in 2015 to teach Stroller Strides. I love that I get to take my daughters with me when I instruct and they get to see me being a leader to other strong women.

Signature exercise move: Burpees!

Fun fact: The first time I saw my Uncle Fred was on TV in the 1984 Winter Olympics. He was competing for a second time in the two-man bobsledding event.


FIT4MOM Bellevue Owner: Yudy Deng - In the winter of 2010, she moved to Bellevue from Shanghai with her husband Lei. In the fall of 2011, she had her first baby Eva. In the summer of 2012, she met Erin and joined Stroller Strides as a royal, diligent client. In the spring of 2013, she became a certified instructor and made her way through every program that FIT4MOM offers. In the summer of 2014, she gave birth to her second baby Ian. In the fall of 2015, she took over FIT4MOM Bellevue as a franchisee!

Little Nuggets: Eva born in Oct 2011 and Ian born in Aug 2014.

Thoughts About FIT4MOM: I still remember vividly the very first summer morning in 2012 when I saw Stroller Strides ladies exercising as I was strolling with Eva at Bellevue Downtown Park. I was amazed by this group of sweaty but happy moms and their lovely kids! Without any hesitation, I chatted with Erin who created this piece of gem, and I joined them the following day. That decision changed my life completely in a positive way! I came to class almost every day, actively attended Mom's Night Outs and kids' play dates, and I tried out and got addicted to Body Back. Soon I had developed a circle of local and international friends to support each other, Eva had a group of similar aged kids to play with after class, and my body/mind became stronger and healthier! I really appreciate the opportunity Erin offered to me to take all the trainings and become a certified instructor. This is truly meaningful for a stay-at-home mom because you can work while taking care of your children at the same time! Similar to our clients, you can work out while interacting with your kids! Once you have a child/multiple children, your life is all about multitasking! FIT4MOM provides me the strength and inspiration to achieve my goals. I feel like it is my loving home here away from my other home in China!

What Else Are You Passionate About: Running, Dancing, Roller skating.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding FIT4MOM: Don't hesitate to take the first step! It is your own body, you need to build up strong muscles and an even stronger mind to control it.

Future Goal: My hope is to grow this wonderful community, to continue to find great programs and exercises, to be a central resource for moms, and to help each of us realize and reach our incredible potential both for ourselves and our kiddos.

Certifications: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Body Back, Stroller Barre and Running Club Coach.

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