What can I expect from a Stroller Strides / Barre class?

Stroller Strides is a full body workout in 60 minutes. We engage our kids throughout the workout with songs and fun games. We use power walking, or running IF YOU CHOOSE, our body weight and environment and resistance bands to engage our muscles.

What I hear a lot of is, "Stroller Strides is actually a great workout!" Yes, we work out, but Stroller Strides is also a workout at your own level. So whether you are a seasoned fitness lover, or completely new to the fitness world, there is a level for you and we will help you find it!

We encourage you to make Stroller Strides the workout that YOU want. We will always give you options to push yourself but there is no need to ask for a break either. You automatically have that right. Stroller Strides is all about YOU and YOUR workout.

Stroller Barre concentrates on deep, muscular movements using small, fine tuned cueing keeps you in "the work zone" for the entire workout. Popular Barre classes give you a long, lean, dancer-like physique while building long, lean muscle and a strong core. Stroller Barre also increases energy and stamina, enhances flexibility and connects mind, body and breath.