Please welcome FIT4MOM's newest partner, Orgain! For coupons on Orgain products, please contact us at Our favorite part? They use plant-based protein!

From Dr. Abraham:

I made it my mission to formulate a drink that would actually make a difference in my health. It had to be certified organic, lower in sugar, high in organic protein, and also be free of artificial sweeteners, preservatives and colorings. After exhaustive work and research, and a lot of time in my kitchen working with real organic ingredients, I finally developed the perfect formulation that would later become Orgain®.

Today, I’m proud that Orgain® nutritional shakes are supporting thousands in their own battles with illness, and delighted that so many folks around the country have discovered Orgain® as a helpful tool to maintain and optimize their good health, as a post workout shake or a better-for-you meal on the go.

Because we’re committed to offering high quality organic nourishment to meet individual needs, we recently added some new Orgain® products to our line-up, including nutritional shakes in kids, vegan, and high-protein varieties, and a great tasting, plant-based organic protein powder.

Whatever your reason for choosing Orgain®, I want you to know that all of us here at Orgain® have one goal—to make better nutritional products that help each and every one of you gain health, gain energy and gain life.

Thank you Orgain for teaming up with FIT4MOM and supporting our healthy lifestyles!

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