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Lil Dandelion

Lil Dandelion is a mom owned and made small business making fashionable and super soft Organic Bandana bibs! They are providing us with 20% off bibs, using code 20LDFAFS

Are you fed up with ... - Bibs that are just boring with no style and don't complement your kid's cute outfit? - Bibs that aren't absorbent enough and left your kids wet and lead to chaffed skin and rashes? - Bibs with Velcro that doesn't stay on, irritates your kid's skin, or even damage your favorite pieces of clothing in the laundry? - Bibs with hard plastic backing that just aren't comfortable and bunch up all the time? - Bibs that look too babyish for your toddler who's is still drooling at preschooler age?

Check out Lil Dandelion 100% Organic Bandana bib

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