Mary Blake

Little Nuggets: Seby (4) and Eden (1)

Thoughts about our FIT4MOM programs: FIT4MOM has something for everyone and for all stages of motherhood. I have tried all the programs and loved each one of them. Stroller Strides rescued me from postpartum depression and introduced a whole village of support to me. Body Back gave me back my body, spark and confidence. Fit4baby kept me fit through my 2nd pregnancy and ensured a fast bounce back after baby no. 2.

Besides FIT4MOM what are you passionate about: I love to run and I am always training for a race. I also love to cook and bake (whenever I get the time!). Baking with my 4 year old is one of my favorite rainy day activities.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding any of our FIT4MOM programs: Just get out there and try it. Don't worry about your fitness level, because everyone is at different levels. It's not about being the best, just doing YOUR best, making friends and having buckets of fun for you and your littles.

Future Goal: To have mamas feeling fit, confident and happy!

Certifications: Body Back

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