Our Instructors

All of our instructors are nationally certified in both pre and post natal fitness. We are committed to making that sure that every class you take with us leaves your muscles warmed up, worked out and stretched!

Our Team

FIT4MOM Bellevue Owner: Yudy Deng - In the winter of 2010, she moved to Bellevue from Shanghai with her husband Lei. In the fall of 2011, she had her first baby Eva. In the summer of 2012, she met Erin and joined Stroller Strides as a royal, diligent client. In the spring of 2013, she became a certified instructor and made her way through every program that FIT4MOM offers. In the summer of 2014, she gave birth to her second baby Ian. In the fall of 2015, she took over FIT4MOM Bellevue as a franchisee!

Little Nuggets: Eva born in Oct 2011 and Ian born in Aug 2014.

Thoughts About FIT4MOM: I still remember vividly the very first summer morning in 2012 when I saw Stroller Strides ladies exercising as I was strolling with Eva at Bellevue Downtown Park. I was amazed by this group of sweaty but happy moms and their lovely kids! Without any hesitation, I chatted with Erin who created this piece of gem, and I joined them the following day. That decision changed my life completely in a positive way! I came to class almost every day, actively attended Mom's Night Outs and kids' play dates, and I tried out and got addicted to Body Back. Soon I had developed a circle of local and international friends to support each other, Eva had a group of similar aged kids to play with after class, and my body/mind became stronger and healthier! I really appreciate the opportunity Erin offered to me to take all the trainings and become a certified instructor. This is truly meaningful for a stay-at-home mom because you can work while taking care of your children at the same time! Similar to our clients, you can work out while interacting with your kids! Once you have a child/multiple children, your life is all about multitasking! FIT4MOM provides me the strength and inspiration to achieve my goals. I feel like it is my loving home here away from my other home in China!

What Else Are You Passionate About: Running, Dancing, Roller skating.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding FIT4MOM: Don't hesitate to take the first step! It is your own body, you need to build up strong muscles and an even stronger mind to control it.

Future Goal: My hope is to grow this wonderful community, to continue to find great programs and exercises, to be a central resource for moms, and to help each of us realize and reach our incredible potential both for ourselves and our kiddos.

Certifications: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby, Body Back, Stroller Barre and Running Club Coach.


Instructor: Christina has been attending Stroller Strides classes since 2012. We are thrilled to have her on board as an instructor!

Little Nuggets: Mia born in March of 2011 and Max born in August 2014.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: You get the whole package: a great workout while spending time with your little ones and on top of that you meet other moms and can make great friends.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding FIT4MOM: Take it easy and work out at your own pace. There is no need to compare yourselves to others. You set your own goals so go for it!

What else are you passionate about: My family, fitness in general, horseback riding and beach volleyball!

Future goals: Stay happy and healthy.

Certifications: Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby.


Kathy came to us already an existing fitness instructor! She is an awesome addition to our team!

Little Nugget: Emily was born in April of 2014.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: It's awesome! After having my baby I quickly realized that having other Mom's support is invaluable. FIT4MOM gave me those relationships and also helped to get me back in shape! Exercising is SO important and personally it helped to get rid of those postpartum blues. Getting those endorphins pumping is seriously the best kind of therapy.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding FIT4MOM: Be kind to yourself. There are days you might not be able to workout and that's OK. Do your best and work hard when you can!

What else are you passionate about: Cooking! I love using fresh seasonal ingredients and creating new recipes. It's a great way to relax after running around after my little one all day. I also love graphic design and used to do that full time before Emily was born.

Future goals: Run another half marathon! My husband and I are thinking about training for one this spring and switching off pushing our little one in the BOB stroller.

Certifications: Body Back


Little Nuggets: Seby (4) and Eden (1)

Thoughts about our FIT4MOM programs: FIT4MOM has something for everyone and for all stages of motherhood. I have tried all the programs and loved each one of them. Stroller Strides rescued me from postpartum depression and introduced a whole village of support to me. Body Back gave me back my body, spark and confidence. Fit4baby kept me fit through my 2nd pregnancy and ensured a fast bounce back after baby no. 2.

Besides FIT4MOM what are you passionate about: I love to run and I am always training for a race. I also love to cook and bake (whenever I get the time!). Baking with my 4 year old is one of my favorite rainy day activities.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding any of our FIT4MOM programs: Just get out there and try it. Don't worry about your fitness level, because everyone is at different levels. It's not about being the best, just doing YOUR best, making friends and having buckets of fun for you and your littles.

Future Goal: To have mamas feeling fit, confident and happy!

Certifications: Body Back


Lisa came to us and wanted to get in on the awesomeness that is Stroller Strides, and after a little time, couldn't resist and wanted to see the other side of things and not only do the workouts, but also create and dole out the hard working exercises too! We are happy to have her sweet and positive attitude and her motivating spirit in our team and out there helping you achieve your goals!!

Little Nugget: Birdie , age 10 months and her dog Waffle, who is a sleep monster.

When did you start with Stroller Strides?: At about 4 months post partum, when I was really on the threshold of nuts, in September 2015.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?: I love the community, the classes provide a really good workout, and in the beginning I met some moms and shared thoughts and I realized, this is a bunch of moms who totally get it, they have been in all the same situations and know what things are like.

What is your current Life Expertise? I'm a planner, the one who sets everything up at my house and also within my group of friends.

If you could have any SuperPower what would it be?: The power to induce sleep, to be the sleep-maker. There could be plenty of demand for that kind of hero-ine.

If you had 3 hours alone what would you do?: I'd go see a movie, enjoy some wine, and be somewhere where I could have peace and quiet.

What's your favorite workout?: As much as I hate them, I really like burpees because as soon as you can be able to do them you can get used to them pretty fast and really see their benefits.


Robbin is a long time member of FIT4MOM Bellevue group and how grown fond of the people and events and classes that she and her kiddos can enjoy. Now she is pumped up and certified and ready to try the teaching side of things and give everyone a taste of all the great workouts she has experienced over the last few years here! We are excited that Robbin has chosen to join the team and think she will be an approachable, tough, and sweat-inducing instructor!

Little Nuggets: Avery (17 - not so much nuggety age anymore!), Elise (age 4 in May), and Liam (14mths)

When did you start Stroller Strides?: I started when Elise was about a year old, around summer of 2013.

What is your favorite part of FIT4MOM?: The community that the women and kids create, it covers a lot of the needs of a family with young kids, the fact that going to classes gets me out of the house, and also that there is opportunity for kids to play afterwards giving moms a better chance to socialize. I also like that all of these classes really are suited for EVERY Mom, no matter what skill, exercise past, kids age, or anything, you'll enjoy it.
What is your current Expertise?: I feel like I'm a Jane of all trades, able to do many things but master of none. I'm also great at making the baby stop crying!

What Super Power would you want?: I'd want to be able to be many places at once; able to get things done and not leave kids unattended, like zipping to get a pedicure while they nap, or out to get groceries alone.

If you had 3 hours alone, what would you do?: I would get a full mani/pedi done, meet a girlfriend somewhere to do something fun, then join my husband for happy hour, that would be such a relief to the day.

What is your Favorite workout?: I really like Tabata because its intense exercising then you get a quick break, and really, you can do anything for 20 seconds at a time!
Welcome Robbin!!

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