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FIT4MOM of the MONTH: December

We celebrate this month of holidays and festivities with another Mom of the Month. This time we honor a mom who joined us this fall and has been attending quite a number of classes. Her sweet nature (also made evident in the adorable faces and demeanor of her boys), upbeat laugh and easygoing personality have made her a wonderful addition to our FIT4MOM of Bellevue Village. We appreciate all of her positivity, strength and good cheer. Thank you to Emmalee Besch!!

1) What are your stroller buddies names and ages?

Benjamin is 22 months and Steven is 11 months.

2) What town is missing your wonderful family right now?

I am originally from Chicago, but my husband and I moved here from Niceville, Florida.

3) What is your favorite part of FIT4MOM?

My husband is super busy with school and work, so it is nice to have other adults to talk to during the week!

4) What career were you in before you became a mom?

I was selling crabcakes at a seaside farmer's market. (MMMM Crabcakes- follow up question is going to be, do you have the best recipe, can I get it and can I eat some!)

5) What is the best part of being a mom for you?

Watching the babies grow and dressing them in cute outfits. (Which happens pretty often, also I love that Emmalee sometimes dresses the boys in matching outfits, too adorable!)

6) What is some of the best advice you have heard, or advice you'd like to offer moms new to FIT4MOM or new to being a mother of two?

Something to try, was that I was able to get both of my babies to sleep by rhythmically patting their tummies.

Getting to know you ladies better, honoring your efforts, the personality and experiences you bring to the group, and then rewarding you with great workouts and fun prizes is one of the best parts of FIT4MOM for us at the Bellevue Team. We are so glad to have each and every one of you and look forward to featuring each of you during a FIT4MOM of the Month!! Will you be next??!! Happy & Healthy Holidays to you all and we'll see you in the New Year!

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