Fit & Functional Mom: Home Master Calendar

With the start of school, pre-school, busy work seasons as well as sports & activity leagues and classes, we are surely collecting or about to collect a pile of papers and forms as well as a number of weekly need-to-know dates and times.

Are you also finding that your kiddos are coming home with all sorts of papers that you didn’t notice until the morning they are needed? Yeah, it happens every day. Kids are sent home with newsletters, permission slips and notes from their school. What should you do with all these stray notes? Sort them when they arrive!

Now to a minimalist like myself, the idea of Pottery Barn’s home sorting/ mailing/calendar station makes me a bit queasy. But for those of you that have a need for this, invest in one! They are sold in many stores.

Before You Buy:

First, figure out what you need to organize. Do you lose bills before they get paid? Are your kids active in after school activities? Make sure that your wall organizers cater to what your family needs. Maybe for your mail dilemma you need something with sorting boxes, and then label those boxes as “incoming” and “outgoing”. White board calendars are great for all those after school activities and team games.

Location, Location, Location:

Where you hang this organization center is key. If it ends up on the garage wall and you can’t even park in your garage due to storage issues, don’t hang it up in there. You won’t use it! The point of this system is that you see it, update it and utilize everyday.

That being said you don’t have to hang on your main kitchen wall. Inside of a pantry, or mudroom, is a great spot. This allows you to “hide” it when necessary.

Magnetic or Cork?

It doesn’t matter, but find a system with one or the other. Magnetic and cork boards are great for keeping track of party and wedding invites that you might need again closer to the date. With these invites come gifts to buy. Forgot where that couple was registered? Have no fear! You pinned the invite on your board!

Utilize this space to its full potential. Get the whole family involved by showing your kids where to store any papers that come home from school.

Hope this helps!

Erin Houg

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