Stroller Barre - Barre Fitness Class with Baby

Stroller Barre

Stroller Barre is a unique blend of ballet, Pilates, barre, yoga and stroller-based exercises designed to help moms build strength and muscle tone and improve posture. Created by a mom who was formerly a professional ballerina, this class incorporates prenatal and postnatal training and yields amazing results in an exciting, fun format. Postpartum women tend to have tight and weak pectoral (chest), abdominal and quadriceps muscles. In addition, the back and hamstrings muscles become stretched and weak. This occurs due to hunched posture from breast or bottle feeding, excessive spinal curves while carrying baby in utero and after birth, and repeatedly picking their new (and rapidly growing) baby up. Stroller Barre focuses on strengthening and creating an ideal length/tension relationship in all the postural muscles, creating a taller, leaner-looking mommy!

Stroller Barre is a brand new workout format of exercises using your stroller handle as a point of focus and balance. Stroller Barre takes pieces of ballet, yoga, Pilates and other barre methods and fuses them together to create a new workout for our moms. The movements are small, concentrated and intentional. It is the perfect way to enhance your Stroller Strides workouts and Stroller Barre is only offered through Stroller Strides. Stroller Barre uses tubing, the stroller and the environment to provide an all over toning and fat burning experience.

Stroller Barre concentrates on deep, muscular movements using small, fine tuned cueing keeps you in "the work zone" for the entire workout. Popular Barre classes give you a long, lean, dancer-like physique while building long, lean muscle and a strong core. Stroller Barre also increases energy and stamina, enhances flexibility and connects mind, body and breath.

Due to the nature of the workout, please make sure that you have been cleared for exercise by your physician if you are pregnant or newly postpartum. You are welcome to try any Stroller Strides or Stroller Barre class anytime AFTER your have your physician's approval after having your baby! We suggest six weeks after baby is born. If you would like to come join us sooner, please bring a physician's note clearing you for physical exercise to your first class. Welcome!

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