Running Club FIT4MOM Bellevue

Running Club

Running is good for us! Running with friends is even better! We meet 3 Saturday mornings at 8:30am every month to run as a group, rain or shine! Kids in stroller are always welcome! We will now be starting from Clyde Beach Park (parking available there) and running along a quiet road to Medina and Hunt's Point and back, much smoother for strollers to join too!

Do you have fitness resolutions that include running? Never run before and don't know where to start? Are you looking to get in some extra cardio in your fitness routine? Do you need help staying motivated to run? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then our Running Club is for YOU!

FIT4MOM Bellevue Running Club is launched for FREE! Led by our FIT4MOM Certified Running Coach, Yudy Deng, you'll learn about running form, injury prevention, increasing speed and distance, and the importance of being in the right shoe for you. This program is designed for any level of runner, from beginner to expert, and is open to ANYONE, not just FIT4MOM clients. Advanced training schedule will be available for advanced runners with a reasonable cost.

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