Body Back post baby workout program

Body Back

Body Back is a results-based workout program for ladies of any age, with or without kids. Inspired by the Mama Wants Her Body Back DVD series, it offers high intensity, interval workouts along with before and after fitness assessments, a nutrition plan, coaching and support in a motivating and inspirational program. You will see that anything is possible!

Eight-Week Program Includes:

  • Two workouts per week in a small group (time just for YOU, No kids!)
  • Meal plan, recipes and food journals monitored by Nutritionists
  • Before and after fitness assessments and measurements
  • Before and after photos (optional)
  • Online coaching and support
  • Mama Wants Her Body Back workout DVD
  • A weekly workout to do at home
  • Weekly challenges and accountability

The workouts have been clinically proven in a university research study to help ladies lose the weight and get their pre-baby body back, or achieve results they didn't think were possible! 100% of the weight lost was pure body fat!

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